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Saves - Emergency Responders Network - AED Implementation

News: April, 2008 - ER Network, Inc. customer deploys AED and saves another victim of Sudden Cardiac Arrest!
April, 2008: This latest save occurred in one of our larger corporate gym clulbs. While working out, a gentleman collapsed from Sudden Cardiac Arrest. The club employees quickly responded according to the plan and managed to save his life using proper CPR techniques and their AED.

News: January 09, 2008 - ER Network, Inc. customer deploys AED and saves the victim of Sudden Cardiac Arrest!
January 08, 2008: This evening around 2025, an employee of a large corporate Emergency Responders Network customer experienced a sudden cardiac arrest. Per their training (also provided by ER Network), rescuers were immediately called to the victim's side. Upon arrival, the employee was determined to be not breathing and have no pulse. Another employee was sent to get the AED while chest compressions and rescue breathing (CPR) were initiated. Within two minutes the AED arrived and was applied. The AED indicated a shock was required. After the initial shock was administered, CPR continued. Within the next minute, the victim began breathing and a faint pulse was felt. CPR was stopped and the patient was monitored. About 2037 fire and medical personnel arrived and patient care was transfered to them. After their evaluation the patient was taken to the local Hospital where he is now conscious and recovering from what likely would have otherwise been a fatal event.

Saves - Emergency Responders Network - AED Implementation

THE RESULTS of Emergency Responders Network First on Scene™ AED Programs: lives are being saved! Read on to learn about one of those saves:

NEWS: Security Officer uses AED to save Casino Guest - becomes fourth confirmed "save" for Emergency Responders Network!

After a long day while on vacation a 74-year-old man decided to entertain himself with a game of Bingo. During the game he lost consciousness and promptly collapsed. Luckily for the gentleman, two bystanders called 9-1-1 and notified Security. The responding Security Officer, John Lombrano, arrived with an AED purchased from Emergency Responders Network within moments...

"His heart had stopped and he was starting to turn blue,” explains Lombrano, who is a friendly, small-town Security Officer. “The bystanders were performing CPR so I activated the AED; it indicated that I should shock him. After the second shock, his heart started right up. Soon after, the paramedics arrived; I knew he was doing all right when he started regaining consciousness.”

Chain of Survival worked as planned.
As the first Chumash Casino Security Officer to save someone using a defibrillator, Lombrano points out that the “Chain of Survival” worked just as the American Heart Association recommends:
1. Someone called for help,
2. Someone started CPR,
3. Someone defibrillated the victim’s heart back to a normal rhythm; and
4. Professionals provided advanced life support. "To use the defibrillator successfully was a great feeling,” Lombrano says, “but it’s an even better feeling knowing we have the protection of an [AED] always available.”
While the Casino hopes they don't have to use the defibrillators often, they are delighted with their decision to start their Automated Defibrillator Program. They have since purchased another AED and have made customer (and employee) safety their top priority! A number of residential communities, apartment complexes, hotels, resorts, businesses, sports centers, clinics, airlines and casinos have discovered that an AED program will enhance their properties in more ways than one. Besides strengthening guest and resident safety, such efforts can generate positive publicity. Boyd Gaming Corp., for example, has had so much success with its AED program, that the casino operator has been featured in USA Today and on ABC’s “20/20.”
Five people are alive today as a result of AED programs started by ER Network! These saves include a golfer in La Jolla, CA, a government employee in Thousand Oaks, CA, a man at Carpinteria state beach and a man on the beach in Newport Beach California!

If you would like to find out how you can start your own AED program, click here or click "NEXT".


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